trust is hard. it’s one of those things where it can go either way. you can trust someone 100% wholeheartedly and it can be glorious and wonderful, or you can trust someone and all hell breaks lose because they let you down. honestly, it can be a one time thing. they can be the most loving, kind, genuine person you’ve ever met, and the moment they let you down, it’s over. well, that’s at least where my struggle lies. i think as a society, we have expectations of people.

we have expectations that our fathers could never do anything to hurt or harm us, because they are our superhero’s. they raised us to have high standards and not take crap from anyone. ( hey dad, you did a super good job at that )

what about our best friends? they are the ones that know everything about us, and are supposed to be there forever.

what about boyfriends? there the ones you’re starting to plan your life with. they are supposed to stay, not leave.

*** and when these people do let us down, because they will more than once, more than twice, sometimes daily. offer grace. offer mercy. offer love, because we all need more of it. let’s be more patient. let’s strive to be a reflection of Christ ***

what about Jesus? he’s perfect. he’s holy. he’s love. he’s there. i’ve been following Jesus for 10 years, and i still can’t grasp that a man who i have never met, who i can’t see, who doesn’t speak to me audibly expects me to trust him with everything i have. that baffles me. but than again, i can’t wrap my head around the fact that a man loves me so much that he would be crucified on a cross and die for me. i fail him daily. i choose my own selfish desires over him too often, yet he gently picks me up and says “hey lets try this again.” that’s true, authentic, unconditional, radical love.

although my earthly father lets me down, those whom i trust the most let me down, Jesus doesn’t. it is physically impossible for Him to do so. like it’s not in his character whatsoever. the definition of Christ is love. like that depicts exactly who is and the kind of father he is to his children.

in a world full of people who are constantly letting us down, we can turn to a man who doesn’t. ever. when we are scared, he holds us and reassures us that He is a good Father and wants good things for his children. when we are confused, he takes our hand and gently leads the way and reminds us of his perfect way, and perfect timing. so trust him. allow him to take your hand and trust him. no matter what. trust him. remind yourself daily that he is a good good father and wants good things for you. 

ps if you ever have an extra few minutes during your time w Jesus, please pray for me.

pss i love you and so does Jesus, so that’s cool



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