i think we’ve got it all wrong. just life in general. especially us christians, life should look so much different than it actually does, and i genuinely believe it all comes down to community. i think this culture sucks at doing life together.

specifically girls.

unfortunately the ‘mean girls’ thing isn’t over in high school. for some reason, us girls get some sort of high from seeing each other suffer. or maybe we understand thoroughly what that person is going through because we’ve been through the same exact thing, but we don’t have the time, energy, or point blank: we don’t like them.

****but the thing is, saying yes to a life with jesus is saying yes to that friend that is hurting and needs you

1 peter 4:8-11 – “most of all, love each other as if you’re life depended on it. love makes up for practically anything. be quick to give a meal to the hungry, a bed to the homeless-cheerfully. be generous with the different things God gave you

generous with our time. jesus gave us 365 days in a year. 12 months. 52 weeks. 24 hours in a day because he knew that would be enough. that would be enough to pour into each other. that would be enough to be present with each other. that would be enough to show someone that we care.

generous with our kindness. “love is patient. love is kind.” probably the most difficult verse in the bible. being kind sucks. being kind is setting aside your own self and attending to each other. its stepping outside of your pride and stepping into His humility. but man, jesus is kind to me every single second of the day.

generous with our love. the whole entire crux of jesus is love. His entire being is love. his cells are love. his atoms are love. his protons, neutrons, and electrons are love. His love is love. and thank the Lord he didn’t choose who He would love, because if that was the case I would not be one of the first He’d pick. lol i would probably be the last. so whenever you don’t “like” that friend because they sin differently than you, or they have wronged you. sit back and just think of all the times we fail jesus, but yet HE STILL LOVES US SO MUCH. you can love that friend. as a matter of fact, jesus has called you to love that friend and be there with her in her time of need. go.

people need people. because when life sucks, and it’s hard that’s when we step and say “it’s ok, we’re gonna get through this together.”

and we need to be calling each other out. genuine friendship, genuine community, genuine love is when you see that friend falling into sin, and you gently pick them up and say “no, i love you too much to let you fall away from jesus.” and you stay there with them. and you continue to call them out. gently. lovingly. gracefully. love never gives up. jesus never gave up on you. you never give up on them.

ps i know calling each other sucks. it’s not fun. i absolutely hate calling my friends out and i hate even more being called out. but honestly, when my friends take the time to step out of there selves and call me out i grow in jesus so much. so much. and that’s what it’s all about, growing in jesus.

our entire life purpose is to grow in jesus

^^^^that’s love. that’s jesus. this is what we are called to.

show some grace today. and tomorrow. and the day after that. IMG_4273 IMG_4608 IMG_4207 IMG_4245

these are my people. they are present. always. they are lovely.


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