finding joy

i was worshipping at church today and this little girl was laughing and singing and dancing around the auditorium. she was pure. holy. lovely. precious. this little girl was delighting in her heavenly father. dancing. freely. joyfully. giving Him all the praise + glory. it was beautiful. she was the epitome of what Jesus calls from us, to delight in Him.

“delight” – please someone greatly / great pleasure

there was no care in the world for this little girl. she was dancing to please her Father. as i was singing, the holy spirit whispered “live your life like her, and find joy in the everyday”

“have childlike trust. childlike joy. childlike love. childlike faith.”

i often get so caught up in my day, my agenda, my busyness that i miss the whole point in my day, to delight in jesus. that maybe dancing around an auditorium at church, blasting bethel in the car, jesus talks with friends, taking a break from school and sitting at the feet of jesus, running and admiring what an artist jesus is. i become so consumed with school, work, making time for people, ect, that i miss the joy in the ordinary, in the everyday moments.

i worship at the same place every sunday, and this beautiful little girl reminded me of what an honor and joy it is to lift my hands up in praise to my heavenly father. i long to be like her, to not care what others think, because i’m in the presence of jesus and that should be the only thing that matters!!!!

so this week, set your busyness aside and find joy in how beautiful the sunset is that jesus painted just to remind you of his goodness, a friend whose need for encouragement is a whole lot more important than your bio exam, resting in the fact that jesus has and always will provide for your every need, because he’s just that good.



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