today i went to the doctors because my mom was worried about how stressed i’ve been. let me repeat: i literally went to the doctors because stress. the doctor didn’t prescribe me with anything, but advised me to slow down. i literally drove all the way to the doctors for her to tell me two simple words. i wanted some medicine or something to give me some energy. but she gave me what i needed to hear, rest.

such simple words. “slow down” i feel like i am constantly doing something. giving something. pouring out something. which is great. the Lord calls us to do these things, to be encouragers, supports, to be involved in our community. and when we are overwhelmed it means that we are being used for His glory.

but so often, when my cup is drained and empty, my last resort is the feet of Jesus, when that should be my first. being overwhelmed isn’t a bad thing. exhaustion is good. it means the gifts the Lord has given you are being used. continue to be exhausted for the glory of Jesus. never stop. pour into each other. excel in class. show up when your friends are hurting. shine His light at work. all these things reflect Christ in us.

but don’t forget to allow Jesus to fill you back up. because when you’re drained, it’s impossible to effectively pour the love of Jesus into others. so rest. rest in the stillness of His grace. because He’s offering, and He never stops offering. so take it.

it’s ok to say no. it’s okay to recognize your limits. it’s okay to not always be present. it’s okay to take a day and just be with Jesus. it’s okay to ask for help. it’s okay to call your friends crying. it’s okay. it’s okay to not know what to do. it’s okay to not do it all on your own. it’s okay to need people.

allow him to lift your load. his yoke is easy, his burden is so lite.


1 Peter 5:7- “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”




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